MySQL Duplicate Function

Sometimes you want the ability to duplicate (clone) entities in mySQL. But duplicating their children can be a huge pain! Here’s how:

/* parent table */
insert into [parent table]
select 0, [field1, field2, field3] from [tablename] where [parent table primary key] = [parent table object ID]

/* child table */
insert into [child table]
select 0, [field1, field2, field3], (select max([parent table primary key]) from [parent table]) from [child table] where [parent table primary key] = [parent table object ID]

important note! make sure that you don’t select the primary key of the table. instead, select 0, and the auto_increment function will automatically figure out the correct primary key

As always, if you have questions, post em in the comments!

mysql command doesn’t work in OS X snow leopard

So you install mySql on your mac, and it’s working great, but then you go into terminal to run a mysqldump or something, and it doesn’t work!

you get a message something like:

-bash: mysqldump: command not found

so how do you fix this? well, copy and paste the following into your terminal window and press enter:

echo export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.profile

source ~/.profile

whoa, whoa, you say. what is this doing? It makes it so that when you type any command into the terminal, it does a check of these folders before giving you the “command not found” error.

If you want to undo it, you can always edit your .profile, or just delete it.