Cinema Display Warping

Ahh! My beautiful cinema display (just over a year old) is warping at the edge. I just noticed it this morning, I’m not sure how long it’s been like that, but once you see it, it really cannot be un-seen :(

Anyone else know of this happening? A google search turned up only one post

Hopefully I’m not the only one, but I guess I’ll hope it’s covered by applecare. I really love Apple’s products, but they seem to be having some issues with displays. I just got my laptop back after the heat caused the adhesive in the display to stop working, and it started to separate.

pics to follow:

5 Responses to “Cinema Display Warping”

  • Sheldon Kotyk Says:

    Maybe your coding is so hot… or its really crappy and the methane is causing issues.

  • Matt Says:

    This is actually happening on one of my displays. It’s been warping for years in two different spots, one of which looks like some material is actually falling off.

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